If your guitar ain't' what it used to be it may just be in need of a set-up. I can sort it for you at a very competitive rate. Please contact me on (01900) 814113, or Billy Bowman Music in Cockermouth, 01900 826708. Why not visit Bill's website at www.billybowmanmusic.com

DON'T DIY IT! You could end up with more bits than you started with. Just give me a call and I'll see if I can help.

This Dean guitar was in a state when it came in because the headstock was completely broken off. It was quite a task but as you can see it now looks as good as new. 

This Ovation was in a sorry state, bridge coming off, neck like a banana, electrics not working and the strings were so high you could have sliced chip's with it. Apart from all that it was Ok, but with a lot of TLC and a little TCP (I cut my finger on it!)  It was sorted out. And just look how it shines, a hidden bonus, you can use as a mirror too! What a bargain.

I don't just stick to guitars, I repair mandolins, banjo's, ukulele's and as you can see bellow a Double Bass. This one had it's fingerboard smashed off and this is what it looked like when it came in.

And this is what it looked like when it went out. I hope you can see the difference!


Here we have a picture of my No.1 guitar. It's the James D'Aquisto model and it was made in Sweden by Hagstrom. It plays as good as it looks and it is about 35 year old. It cost me £650 and I still wonder how I got that amount of money in 1977. Must have been in the days when my bank manager liked to say YES!

I bought this one in 1993. It's a Patrick Eggle New York and it plays like a dream. I played the Hagstrom all the time until I came across  this little devil while on the look-out for a guitar for a pupil of mine. I told the boys parents that I'd found him a little corker and suggested that they buy it quick.  I'm glad to say that they didn't take my advice and they decided to spend £1100 on another Eggle model instead. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, so I bought It. £550 well spent!

In the early 60's when I first started playing in the 'Meteors' we would often go to the local dance hall in Maryport to watch the opposition play. That was when I first fell in love with a blue Fender strat, and boy did I want one, NOW!!!!. I thought to myself, someday I'm having one of those. Well folks! thanks to my wife Lesley I have one NOW !!..............Although it did take me 44 years.     

This is a nice one, It's a PEERLESS WIZARD and what a guitar this turned out to be. I've played more guitar since I bought this than I've played for years. It looks,plays and sounds fabulous allthough I must say it does play the odd bum note! still you can't rely on anything these day's.

This is my latest baby. It's a Epiphone ES175 and what a great buy it was. The finish is perfect and it plays like a dream so what more could you ask for except Joe Pass's fingers to go with it, but sadly it doesn't come with that as an extra, still you can't have everything!